Facial treatments

For EbenSo® skin feeling

All threading treatment involve consultation, preparation and follow-up with disinfecting and anti-inflammatory preparations.

Upper Lip 10,- €
Cheeks 12,- €
Forehead 10,- €
Chin 12,- €
Temples 5,- €
Neck 10,- €
Whole face incl. eyebrows   49,- €


  • EbenSoFinish
    We have developed this treatments especially for the needs of a sensitive skin subsequent to a threading treatment
    29,- €
  • Paraffin hand bath
    Use your time efficiently and do something good for your hands, while we do a threading treatment!
    15,- €

EbenSo® Facial treatments

The facial treatments each include counseling and skin analysis. Afterwards, you can do cleansing, peeling, cleansing, serum, massage, mask and a final care.

    Facial Treatment for a low-moisture skin
    49,- €
    Facial Treatment for a mature skin
    74,- €
    SUPERIOR + Bio-Cellulose active ingrediant mask
    92,- €


 EbenSo® Make-Up

  • Day Make.Up
    35,- €
  • Evening Make-Up
    45,- €
We agree the Make-Up with you on your individual desires, therefore prices mentioned above are indicative and may differ depending on effort required. If this would be the case, we will discuss this with you before we start the treatment.

All prices in this list are as of December 2017 and are indicative prices. Subject to change without notice.


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