Overview of our eye lash treatments

 For expressive eyebrows and eyelashes

Tinting regular  
Eybrows 12,- € 16,- €
Eyelashes 14,- € 18,- €


For exciting eye lashes

  • Eyelash lifting
    Visual extension of own eyelashes, modeling of eyelashes, eyelash tinting
    64,- €
  • Eyelash lift with eyelash lamination
    In addition to the eyelash lifting, a so-called eyelash lamination is performed. The eyelash lamination is an intensive care treatment for the lashes. The lashes are fed and strengthened with nutrients, vitamins and proteins. By lamination the lashes are healthier, stronger and more resistant. The optimal result is achieved after 3-4 repeats.
    74,- €

Removal of lash extensions

  • Removal of lash extensions
    20,- €

All prices in this list are as of December 2018 and are indicative prices. Subject to change without notice. Until End of November 2018 our old prices are still valid.


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About EbenSo Brow Bar

EbenSo Brow Bar offers Eyebrow, Eyelasth and facial hair treatments: Eyebrow threading, Eyebrow tinting (also with Henna), Eyelash tinting, Eyelash lifting, also with lash laminiation, removal of facial hair e.g. upper lip, chin, sides as well as cosmetical treatments.