Eye Lashes Facts

What is actually Lash lifting?

With the Lash Lifting performed by the EbenSo® Brow Bar, your own eye lashes are directed upwards similar to a permanent wave. It looks as if the eyelashes were lengthened, but this is not the case. This effect lasts 6-8 weeks. For individual customers, the effect has lasted for up to 11 weeks, but is certainly an exception and we cannot assure that the eyelash lifter will last forever?

How long does a lash lifting treatment take?

Usually we plan with 45 Minutes. In some cases in may take a bit longer.

Does lash lifting help if my lashes are pointing downwards?

Definitely, the lashes will be directed upwards

Are eyelashes damaged by an eyelash lift?

No. We are not aware of this. The eyelash wave is applied only to the area of the new growth of the eyelashes, down towards the base and a little upwards. Never apply the ends of the eyelashes.

Is an eyelid wave painful?

No, just the opposite. As a resting phase is required, the treatment is quite relaxing.

What should I consider after a lash lifting treatment?

In order to have the maximum benefit from a lash lifting treatment, you should consider three point in the first 48 hours:

  1. The eyelashes should not come into contact with water in the first 24 hours as the glue used must dry out.
  2. During the first 2 days after the treatment, avoid high temperatures and high humidity (sauna, solarium, steam bath, etc.).
  3. You should not cry ;-)

For whom is not an eyelash lift suitable?

  • Eye lashing should not be performed in the following situations:
  • Chronic dry eyes,
  • Conjunctivitis,
  • damaged eyelashes or eyelashes with gaps (the eyelash lift can make the gaps even more noticeable),
  • Active eye infections of any kind,
  • Trichotillomania (remove habitual lashes),
  • recent chemotherapy treatments (you must wait at least one year after your last treatment, in case of doubt, always consult your doctor.)

Are eye lash extensions suitable when wearing glasses or contact lenses?

Yes, of course. There are basically no restrictions. However, in the case of glasses, the length of the lashes to be applied should be considered.

Due to the lengthening of the eyelashes, the lashes may touch the inside of the spectacle lenses and thus also contaminate the spectacle lenses due to the natural fat on the eyelashes.

A good alternative for people wearing glasses is therefore the eyelash lift. Since eyelash lifting is merely an optical and not actual extension, the eyelash lift is particularly suitable for spectacle wearers because the eyelashes do not touch the inside of the glasses unlike eyelash extension. Also, if you have long eyelashes which bump into the inside of your glasses and grease them, the eyelash lifting can be a solution in individual cases because the eyelashes are bent upwards.

Are there real hair lash extensions?

No eyelashes are always synthetic eyelashes. So-called real hair are a certain type of synthetic eyelashes, which are advertised as real hair, but they are not. The use of real hair eyelashes would be dangerous as this could result to infections.

What should I consider before an eyelash extension treatment?

  • Please come to your appointment with unvarnished eyes
  • Please do not use eyelash tapes / eyelash buffs at least 7 days before your treatment
  • Please do not soak your eyes on the day of the treatment or little
  • If you wear contact lenses, you can wear them as usual during the treatment
  • do not color your eyelashes at least 7 days before the treatment
  • Please do not leave eyelash wave for at least 14 days for treatment
  • Remember to wash the hair before treatment, since 24 hours after the treatment, no water should be applied to the eyelashes
  • Please inform us before treatment, if allergic reactions have already occurred after an eyelash extension

What is to be considered after an eyelash extension?

In principle, lash extensions are very uncomplicated and have a high wearing comfort. Nevertheless, wehave a few tips for you, so that you can enjoy the extended eyelashes for a long time:

  1. The eyelashes should not come into contact with water in the first 24 hours as the glue used must dry out.
  2. During the first 2 days after the treatment, avoid high temperatures and high humidity (sauna, solarium, steam bath, etc.).
  3. You should not cry ;-)
  4. Sleeping with the face on the pillow, can cause the eyelashes to fall out. So you should sleep in the back or side position.
  5. If lashes stick to each other after sleeping, they should be brushed with an eyelash brush
  6. Do not rub your eyes and touch the eyeballs as rarely as possible.
  7. It is recommended to fill the lashes every 3-4 weeks.

How long does the treatment for eyelash extensions take?

It always depends on the individual case, but we plan with 120 minutes for the treatment. The length of the treatment results from the fact that the eyelashes are applied individually to the real eyelashes. Precise and accurate operation is required.

Can I visit the sauna, the solarium or the swimming pool with an eyelash extension?

In the first 48 hours after an eyelash extension, you should not plan a sauna, solarium or swimming pool visits as this can limit the effect of the glue used due to the high temperature and humidity. Afterwards, the sauna, solarium and swimming pool can be visited again.

Are lash extensions suitable for swimmers?

It depends on how often you go swimming. Basically, both chlorine and salt water attack the glue of eyelash extensions. If you do not go swimming regularly, it is to be expected that only a few eyelashes fall out. These can however easily be replenished next time the eyelashes are replenished. If, on the other hand, you are passionate swimmer and swim several hours a day, it is not advisable to consider eyelash extensions. Rather, you should think about lash lifting.

Are there permanent eyelash extensions?

No, unfortunately not! In about 3 weeks you lose about 15-30% of your own eyelashes and new eyelashes grow accordingly. This is a natural growth process. Since the artificial eyelashes are glued to their own eyelashes, the artificial eyelashes fall out with their own eyelashes. The problem is not that the glue for the artificial eyelashes does not last long enough, but that the own eyelashes fall out.

How often do eyelashes have to be filled after an eyelash extension?

The growth cycle of the natural eyelashes is in three phases:

  1. Anagenic phase (growth phase): The growth phase in human eyelashes is about 2-4 weeks.
  2. Catagenic phase (transformation phase): After this, the catalyst or transition / conversion phase begins - this takes about 1 - 2 weeks. During this time the hair sets in its growth and dies - but remains rooted in the eyelash wreath.
  3. Telegenic phase (resting phase): In this phase regenerates the hair root. This phase lasts 5-6 weeks. The new beginning of activity in the hair follicle occurs, so that the hair develops again in the growth phase and pushes the old telegenic hair outwards. The natural eyelashes fall out.

In about 3 weeks you lose 15-30% of your own lashes. Therefore, replenishment dates are recommended every 2-5 weeks.

Is it possible to apply mascara to the eyelashes after the eyelash extension?

The purpose of lengthening the eyelashes is to make the eyelashes appear more voluminous. In this respect there should be no more need for mascara. If, after the treatment, you feel that you would like to have a little more volume, we can of course also add further lashes.

If you still want to use mascara, you should do without water-resistant mascara, as you risk to remove the eyelash extension when taking off the water-resistant mascara.

Can I remove eyelash extensions myself?

Once the eyelash adhesive has hardened, the glued eyelashes are very durable. Trying to remove the eyelashes will cause the eyelashes to be worn out or damaged. Therefore, it is strongly advisable not to do so. We are happy to remove eyelash extensions with the appropriate preparations, which ensure that your eyelashes are not affected.

Why is removal of third party eyelashes more expensive than of EbenSo eyelashes?

With EbenSo eyelashes we know the adhesives used and have the appropriate preparations for the solution of the glue. In the case of third party adhesives, which we do not have, we do not know the glue and have to cautiously approach the right solution. Therefore, more time is required to avoid damaging your own mimics.

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