knowhow about eye brows

How long does an eyebrow treatment take?

An eye brow treatments usually takes 15 minutes for treatment. However, the treatment times can vary widely. If the hair is particularly strong and a first visit, it can take considerably longer. For regular visits in 4 weeks intervals, the goal is somewhat faster.

Is the threading painful?

This depends, of course, on the individual sensitivity. At the end of the day the hair is "torn out" by the epilation with its root. Unfortunately, there is a certain pain.
However, the pain is generally less than with the plucking with a pair of tweezers, because with the tweezers each hair is individually plucked and in a thread epilation several hairs at a time. In this respect, the number of perceived pain moments during the threading is significantly reduced.

Why does EbenSo only uses threading instead o wax to remove facial hair?

Before we have started with our EbenSo Brow Bar, we have tested all kinds of method for facial hair removal. When removing facial hair with cold wax streaks or with
hot wax, often pimples and other skin irritations occurs. We also have seen cases, where the top layer of the skin has been removed through a treatment with wax.

At the same time, we like to emphazize that we only object against waxing in the facial area. For example, a leg or other area, since the areas of the skin are thicker and less sensitive in these areas.

Can tinting of eyebrows cause contact allergy?

Basically, all chemical substances can cause contact allergies. A constituent for hair dyes are so-called aromatic amines. Against this ingredient, approx. 4% of the population in Germany allergic. If you have such an allergy or if you simply do not want to take the risk of contact allergy, we also use our sensitive line to offer herbal coloring agents for eyebrows and eyelashes that do not contain aromatic amines. However, the sensitive dye does not last as long as the regular tinting.

Can threading cause inflammations?

Basically, there are two causes of inflammations when removing hair:

  1. In-grown hairs can result from a prior hair removal by shaving, epilation or so-called waxing. The new hair can grow potentially in the wrong direction during the re-growth, so that it remains under the skin. There are initially so-called pustules, which in most cases heal by themselves in the majority of cases. However, in rare cases an inflammation is caused by an in-grown hair. This is a fundamental problem with all types of epilation or depilation, which is not specific for the threading.
  2. Furthermore, due to lack of hygiene, the hair roots may become inflamed. If the hair follicles are injured, such as during epilation, toxins released by the bacteria that usually colonize the skin can penetrate into the skin and cause a hair root inflammation. This risk can be significantly reduced by appropriate hygienic measures. That is why we at EbenSo are committed to a consistent hygiene management. This begins with the preparation of the utensils to be used, the hygienic measures before and during the treatment, and the disinfection of the utensils after the treatment. This process and the disinfectants to be used have been certified by the German Hygiene Certificate. That is, we will continue to work during the preparation and follow-up period in order to ensure the necessary

What do I do if my eyebrows have gaps?

Basically it is necessary to distinguish between the individual growth of the eyebrows and the failure of eyebrows. If you are not satisfied with the form or the growth of the eyebrows, but if this form has not changed, you can change the shape of the eyebrows by modeling, accelerate the growth of eyebrow hairs through a serum or even use an eyebrow pens. The situation is different when eyebrows fail and gaps are formed in the eyebrows. There may be various causes for this, which should be clarified with a dermatologist:

  1. If eyebrow hairs fall out, it could be due to skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema. This leads to a frequent itching inflammation of the skin. If this skin disease is in the region of the eyebrows, it leads to rubbing and scratching. This causes the eyebrows to fall out.
  2. In case of an inflammation of hair follicles. The hair follicles surround the hair roots and provide the support of the hair roots. Accordingly, the eyebrows can then fall out due to this inflammation. The cause is a bacterial inflammation, which can be combated with a local antibiotic.
  3. Furthermore, thyroid dysfunction can lead to a failure of eyebrows. Especially in the case of an underactive function of the thyroid gland, there is typically a failure of the posterior third of the eyebrows.

In case of doubt, a dermatologist should be consulted in order to rule out the fact that a sparse growth of eyebrows or failure of eyebrows is not caused by illness.

About EbenSo Brow Bar

EbenSo Brow Bar offers Eyebrow, Eyelasth and facial hair treatments: Eyebrow threading, Eyebrow tinting (also with Henna), Eyelash tinting, Eyelash lifting, also with lash laminiation, removal of facial hair e.g. upper lip, chin, sides as well as cosmetical treatments.